LHC underground visits

  • Six LHC underground sites will be opened for visits during the Open Days: ATLAS – point 1, ALICE – point 2, LHC Radio Frequency – point 4, CMS – point 5, LHC accelerator – point 6 and LHCb – point 8.
  • These sites are only accessible to those who are at least 12 years old. Underground visits at CMS – point 5 are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. 
  • Owing to space constraints, we estimate that only 20% of visitors will be able to visit the LHC. 
  • The "Fast Track LHC" registration option allows early-bird registrants to get faster access to the LHC. If this option doesn't appear when you try to register, don’t worry, you may still be able to visit the LHC. 
  • There is much more than the LHC to see during the Open Days. Our interactive map can help you pick from the more than 100 planned activities.
  • If you have any difficulties please check our FAQ.